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The Birds

The bird has become somewhat of a trademark for Kolbrún. She has been making and developing them for over thirty-five years; the first one being a glazing sample that later caught her eye and evoked her interest in the bird as a shape, and design. Golden plovers, ptarmigans, terns and the raven are species close to her heart and these birds are often incorporated into her artwork in various formations. Her affection and enthusiasm for the birds are not limited to her art and Kolbrún keeps close track of migratory birds in Iceland and her special fondness for the beautiful golden plover perhaps stems from the phrase "Lóan er komin, að kveða burt snjóinn", or "The golden plover arrives, and bids farewell to winter", taken from a poem by Páll Ólafsson. Thus the arrival of this delicate bird brings spring and light to Iceland, a joyous time after a long dark winter in the cold north.

Frommer's Review
The birds through the years:
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